lego Star Wars Minifig Customization and Modifications


For many Lego lovers, the iconic minifigs from your Star Wars franchise are one of the most cherished items. Not only do they generate fun remembrances, but they can be kept in perfect issue for years to come with care and attention and maintenance. Let’s look into the best way to ensure your treasured Minifigures remain safe and appear excellent!

Typical Washing

Your star wars mini fig needs to be cleaned out frequently to ensure they are seeking their finest. A smooth, humid material works extremely well on the body components and headpieces, whilst a slightly much more rough material should be used to clear any painted pieces. Make sure not to use a lot of normal water when cleaning up a gentle remove is actually all that is needed. To clean any debris in the crevices or joint parts of your Minifigures, try using a compact brush for example a classic brush or paintbrush.

Storage Alternatives

Suitable safe-keeping to your minifigs is very important to keep them resistant to dirt, grime, and debris. You might want to take into account investing in a screen scenario specifically designed for Minifigure selections, since these supply enough protection without using up a lot of room. Additionally, in the event you don’t have room for the exhibit case you could potentially purchase person plastic-type material situations or hand bags specifically made for saving Lego items these will help keep the figures organized and free of airborne dirt and dust and grime develop-up.

Prevent Sunshine Coverage & Heat Damage

Sun rays coverage might cause discoloration as time passes, so it’s advisable to retailer your Minifigures clear of direct sunlight whenever you can. Similarly, intense temperature ranges for example heat or cold can harm the plastic prevent storing it in attics or outdoor storage sheds where temperature fluctuations are common. Also, bear in mind that some glues contain solvents which may dissolve plastic material parts over time if you’re using adhesive on all of your figures ensure it is created specifically for use with Lego pieces only!


Caring for your Lego Star Wars Minifigures will assure they stay in good condition for years to come. Standard cleansing with smooth wet cloths or brushes will assist take away any dirt construct-up, although correct storing remedies like individual situations or exhibit situations will safeguard them from sunlight visibility and extreme temperatures. Lastly, make sure that any stick used on your figures is specifically made for use with Legos only – this will likely make certain that no solvents melt off any plastic parts as time passes! With one of these tips in mind, you’ll be able to love playing with (or displaying!) your beloved Lego figures for many years to come!