How to choose fonts for your pixellab logo maker

With many fonts to choose from, settling on one isn’t an easy task. Every font has a meaning, and it should fit your brand identity and attributes. Let’s look at different font styles from from Their visual differences for communication and branding.

Serif fonts
These fonts have little “feet” on their edges. They are high-end, timeless, and classic fonts associated with property and tradition. The commonly known one is Times New Roman. Its timelessness makes it famous for attracting a more mature demographic.

Sans’s serif fonts
They don’t have the little feet like the serif fonts. They tend to have a more modern and cleaner look. It’s easy to read them and works well across mediums.

Script fonts
Script and handwritten fonts add great personality to a logo. They tend to appear elegant, feminine, and formal. They are harder fonts to read at a glance, but they make a Logo iconic and distinctive if done well.

Modern fonts
The modern fonts are sans serif fonts that hold a specific starkness and sophistication. They are more effective with younger demographics. They are popular among tech and app companies.

Display fonts
They appear to be a broad category of out-of-the-ordinary fonts. They add more major visual impacts. They are fun and bubbly or futuristic and edgy. Be keen on using the super trendy one or those that don’t match your brand personality.

It’s possible to make custom fonts just for your company to make your logo 100 percent unique. You will incur an additional cost for custom fonts since you will work with a designer to create your logo.
Analyze your business idea and select the perfect fonts. They should match the business attributes and brand identity.