Guide to Holiday Price Guide Prices in Palma Airport

Pre-book your Majorca Airport transportation, with rates starting from just 2.79 each day with FREE cancellations, going on vacation to the largest Balearic island in Spain? Then, try booking your vacation car hire at the Palma Airport, where you can get maximum savings for your trip. A Majorca rental vehicle is the best way to explore all the sights of this gorgeous island. You can start your trip by taking a leisurely scenic drive around the picturesque beach of Palma, which is also a favorite among tourists and vacationers.
The journey continues as you travel towards the resort of Marbella and stops off at the secluded Es Vedra Hotel where you will be treated to a relaxed breakfast consisting of Spanish specialty such as cubanella, quesadillas and an Espinquet (egg dish). While travelling on the ferry, stop at the Vasco da Gama lighthouse and then take pictures of the calm Andalucian coastline with a stopover at the Vasco da Granada Airport, where you can board a direct flight to Palma. After a leisurely trip around the picturesque beaches, you are treated to one of the best sightseeing tours of the region as you head towards the capital of Majorca – Palma. Continue enjoying the peaceful Andalucia countryside as you drive up to the quaint town of Punta Umbria.
When you arrive in Palma, you will find a wide range of accommodation options for your luxury fly-drive touring holiday including modern resorts like Marbella or villas in the traditional Andalucia countryside, like Calpe which are easily accessible from the airport. Staying in one of the many Andalucia hotel chains ensures that all of your needs are met while you explore Palma. You can choose between deluxe villas in a classic Andalucia style or a modern deluxe property in Palma which is suitable for families.
If you would prefer to stay closer to the action, you hire car from palma airport for a more economical stay. Booking a car rental online with a reputable company is always the best way to go for the lowest possible price. Choose a package that includes all of your transport needs and the cost of your stay in Palma – the same as you would pay for a luxury stay, but with less hassle. Many companies offer a choice of three or four days at the Palma Airport or the town center for the same price as a single day and you can use your car rental for the entire trip if you so wish.
If you are planning to spend the night in Palma, there are a number of cultural hotspots to visit including Palma Cathedral, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the sandy beach just outside of town. The ferry from the airport takes you to the bustling town center where you can explore the cobbled streets, shop or eat your favourite food. There are also a number of places to visit on the north coast including the village of Marbella and its beautiful Art Deco buildings.
For those travelling from afar, there are plenty of options for accommodation in Palma. Your choice of hotels ranges from backpacker hostels to five star luxury resorts. Andalucia’s most popular seaside resort is Playa Blanca and it is conveniently located just outside the airport. You can book a comfortable and relaxing holiday with low holiday price guide prices in this resort town which caters for all budgets. A lovely choice of hotels is also available from the car hire firm that you hire from Palma Airport as you explore Palma and the rest of the Andalucia region during your stay here.