Different Strains For Relaxing Body: Check The THC And CBD Content

Ice-cream strains are a great option for people who suffer from stress and similar problems such as migraine and depression. People who are suffering from any health issue or stress-related issues should consider taking ice cream strain for the purpose. Several products are available, but you can choose any product according to your convenience and body type.
The THC content and the CBD content in all the products are different, the difference is very slight, but still, they are different. Consider checking different options for a person who is suffering from mental health-related problems. The ice cream strain is the best option for mental health-related issues because it is not addictive and great in taste. As it is available in several flavors, it can be replaced easily with ice cream at any time.
Different Variants Of Strain-
I. Granddaddy Purple
This is sometimes also known as GDP in short and a very popular ice cream strain. It has purple buds and also purple in appearance, and it is a sweet berry in taste. So we can say that it is made with a sweet berry accent which has a great relaxation effect on the body. Talking about THC and CBD content in the product, the THC content ranges between 17 to 27 percent, and the CBD is zero to one percent.
II. Ice Cream Cake
This is a variant of ice cream strain that is usually used in wedding cakes and gelato preparation. The users who have used it consistently have been told that it has a great relaxation effect on the body and provides the required high feeling. The high feeling is provided because it has a little high THC content, ranging between 20- 25 percent. Talking about the CBD content, which is negligible, that is even less than 1 percent.