Car Hire Guide to Mallorca Airport

Mallorca Airport is regarded as one of the finest airports anywhere in the world. It is a bustling commercial center with plenty of tourist attractions, great food and shopping, and entertainment for travelers of all ages. The airport is conveniently located just south of Fuengirola on the south coast of Mallorca, and is easily accessible from the rest of the Balearic Islands. This makes it a convenient destination for tourists who fly to Mallorca or other islands in Spain. Here are some of the major highlights of what to expect at the airport when you arrange for car hire.

There are plenty of car hire agencies throughout the airport that can accommodate your luggage and take care of your car until you reach your hotel. Once you have picked out your car, you can drive it directly to your hotel, which can be done even on foot or with the assistance of public transportation. From the airport, you can take a train, metro ride or a cab to reach your hotel. In any case, the car hire companies are available to get your rented car before you even reach the island.

Renting a car from the airport has several advantages for travelers. First of all, it is much cheaper than parking inside the terminal building itself. Even if you hire a car on arrival, you can walk to the terminal, pay the fee, and have the car wait for you upon your return.

You can also save money by parking your car hire mallorca airport the shopping malls and restaurants within the city. Most people go for local transportation to do their shopping anyway, so having a car to drive around is always handy. However, if you book for car hire ahead of time, you can just drop by the car rental office to pick up your car and go back to the mall.

When you book for car hire, the agent will give you several options for your trip. There are daily, weekly and monthly plans available for people who choose a fixed time period for their vacation. Just make sure you book early enough to take advantage of any discounts given during off-peak seasons.

When you arrive at the airport, you will receive a map of the car area that shows you where the rental offices are located. The fee varies by each company, and is usually inclusive of taxes and gratuities. However, you might want to bring your own car, especially if you know you will be traveling with friends or family. If you don’t mind paying a bit more for car hire, you can also ask the car rental company to pick you up and drop you off at a destination of your choice.