C60: A Powerful Antioxidant

There’s a new supplement in the marketplace that is switching heads and increasing eye-brows. It’s referred to as C60, and it can be the future of nutritional supplements. This amazing compound includes 60 carbon dioxide atoms, which is where by it receives its brand from. The thing that makes c60 supplements stand out? Let’s consider a closer look!

Exactly why is C60 so powerful?

One particular purpose is that it’s a Fullerene. Fullerenes are a school of molecules which contain carbon atoms set up in the sphere. C60 is the most popular Fullerene, and it’s also known as “Buckyballs.”

C60 fullerene is exceedingly dependable, rendering them excellent for use within dietary supplements. They’re also insoluble in drinking water, so that they won’t be divided by the system well before they could be absorbed.

The thing that makes C60 Unique?

C60 is really a powerful antioxidant that will reduce the effects of free-radicals. Free-radicals are erratic molecules that could injury tissue, and they’re one of the leading causes of aging. C60 can be around 100 occasions more efficient at neutralizing free-radicals than ascorbic acid, making it a potent contra –aging broker.

Together with its anti-getting older qualities, C60 has also been shown to enhance cognitive functionality and safeguard your brain from damage. 1 examine revealed that rats who have been provided C60 experienced increased understanding and storage compared to those who weren’t because of the substance.

Newest Findings

Shocking new research has shown that C60 could possibly have even more advantages than we considered. Research recently showed that C60 could lengthen the life expectancy of rats by approximately 90%. The rats within the study received a small amount of C60 dissolved in extra virgin olive oil, plus they resided significantly over the handle team.

These results are outstanding, plus they may have major consequences for the way we take into consideration nutritional supplements. C60 is actually a potent ingredient which could transform the way you age, and it’s currently available.


C60 is a relatively recent ingredient, and more study is needed to recognize all its probable rewards. Nonetheless, early studies are extremely encouraging, and C60 could be a standard in nutritional supplement formulators’ toolkits. If you’re searching for a strong anti-ageing agent, you can consider C60.