Dr. John Manzella incorporates management skills into his clinical practice

The healthcare system that worked in the 20th century cannot continue to function in the 21st century. Within this framework, the clinical management developed by Dr. John Manzella stands as a benchmark to make the current model more effective.
From the perspective of clinical management of continuous improvement of the quality of health care, it is necessary to incorporate new management procedures based on the premise that management, as a concept and tool, has added value to health.
Dr. John Manzella incorporates management competencies into his clinical practice, whether in a public or private setting. For this, he must have a global vision of his organization and the different functions he requested: manage budgets according to programs; ensure quality care.
Promote that basic research reaches the patient’s bedside soon and that applied research focuses on the continuity of care processes; promote continuing medical education; recognize the work of the service team and know how to encourage it.

Integrates all knowledge for good management

Acquiring competence is, above all, acquiring the ability to carry out certain activities which could not be carried out with knowledge alone. To a certain extent, it goes from simple information or theoretical knowledge to integrating such knowledge.
It requires not only the acquisition of knowledge but also the understanding and ability to apply it. The competency map is not a program of theoretical knowledge. However, each of the competencies has components of knowledge, skills, and attitudes, and even one or the other of these components predominates.
For him, Dr John Manzella acquires a specific competence, knows how to do something because he masters the theory that supports it, knows and has practiced how to do it, and recognizes that he is in charge of it.

Offers medical management skills

Dr. John Manzella equips future doctors and other healthcare professionals with certain skills in healthcare management. The training covers the relative areas of clinical management equipping with skills such as starting and organizing a clinical unit; knowing how to find the right resources; selecting the best collaborators; transmitting the intellectual stimulus for teamwork; organizing structure, people, and budgets for services and, finally, lead highly qualified professionals with efficiency and harmony.